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Who are we ?

IPNS Ltd are a security and network installation company and we work with various companies in many different industry sectors to provide them with networked security systems that can be managed from IP enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, either on site or remotely.

We are able to provide them with all the components to supply them with a complete solution from design through to ongoing support and because we supply all aspects, we are able to provide a professional, responsive and effective service through a single point of contact.

All our personnel are highly experienced in what they do and are trained to very high standard of both workmanship and safe working practices, according to the type of environment they are working in. Have a look at some of the sectors we work in, from heavy industry to commercial offices and from educational establishments to construction sites and see the type of documentation and qualification that we provide.

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What do we do ?

Because much of today's security systems use software based management tools and are implemented over an IP based infrastructure, IPNS believes that it makes sense to employ a company with the skill sets to be able to deliver all aspects and therefore making installation, implementation and management less painful.

IPNS can provide a complete solution for all your security system, network infrastructure and data cabling needs ranging from design, installation, integration, service and support.


We combine a range of surveillance and access solutions, including CCTV, intercom, intruder alarm and access control systems. So whether you require a video intercom system for a block of multi-tennanted flats, a fob based access control system for your offices or a CCTV system that you can access remotely from your smartphone for your factory, IPNS can provide you with a solution.
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What's our ethos ?

IPNS Ltd are an ethical company.

We like to do the right thing by our customers.

We like to work with them to find a solution to meet their needs.

We won't overstate or oversell anything that we don't believe to be in the customer's best interests.

We will always try to minimise costs as much as we can without compromising the effectiveness of the solution.

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If you would like to know more about IPNS or would like a survey of your premises or a quote, then please contact us via email, telephone or the contact form below. Thank you.

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