Excel Cat 6 Patch Lead



IPNS personnel have been advising, designing and installing data cabling and IP network infrastructures for many years and and because of that, we are able to provide customers with systems that are not only suitable to the business applications they will be using but also for the environment in which they are being used and that experience means that we will be providing the right solution for you.

IPNS work on the three B(ees) principle:







This helps us to provide you with the right type of infrastructure for your business needs, meaning that you won't be paying for anything more than you actually need.

When it comes to design and installation of the IT infrastructure, many companies will look at things in purely a two dimensional way. For example, it's not always the best or the cheapest option to create one central hub and have individual copper ethernet connections to each user.


It may be more cost effective, in terms of time and materials to deploy a satellite hub, linked with just one copper cable or with fibre or even with wireless. Creating satellite hubs can also add increased resilience to your network and by creating separate physical infrastructures, it allows you to deploy shared services where they are needed and create a network that utilises less bandwidth, making your network more efficient.These are all decisions that we can help you with to make sure that you get best value for your money.

IPNS are also able to offer network surveys and audits, cable verification, duct surveys, fibre interface cleaning and network cabinet tidying and patching services.

All our work is done to the highest professional standard by highly trained, qualified and experienced engineers in line with industry standards and guidelines and comes with full test documentation and warranty. Below are a few examples of the type of documentation we provide:







IPNS are able to offer a range of manufacturer's systems, including Excel and Connectix for cabled products and TP-Link for wireless solutions. So whether it's wireless, fibre-optic, Category 5e, 6 or 6A cabling that you need, let us help you to make the right choice at the right price.


Whatever your requirements may be, IPNS are happy to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.