IPNS can provide a range of solutions to suit all types of environment and budgets and all types of applications and we work with many of the leading manufacturers, such as Hanwha Techwin (Samsung), Axis, Vista Optio, Mobotix, Dahua and many others.


You may require a low budget system to act as a deterrent to help lower your insurance premiums or a system that not only provides you with additional security but can also help you with your business functions, such as remotely monitoring an unmanned process or measuring footfall in a retail environment.


Here are just a few examples of the different types of cameras and systems that can be used to support your business requirements.




Works by converting video in to data packets and is therefore, less susceptible than traditional analogue cctv to harsh environments such as production lines with high levels of machine operation. It is also one of the most flexible cctv technologies as the software, to manage and view systems, can be deployed across many types of devices in any geographical location. IP CCTV cameras can also provide enhanced viewing techniques, such as Dahua's Starlight technology, which provides full colour images even at night.

Unmanned offices


You may have buildings, branches, rooms or stores that do not support the need for a full-time member of staff, by installing an IP camera, with an built-in 2 way audio function and an external output, you then have the functionality of seeing who a visitor is, speaking to them and then releasing the door to let them enter.


Fire hazards


A thermal camera will allow you to monitor areas that are vulnerable to fire. Obviously, there are many other types of detection methods that can be used but let's say that this building or area is particularly difficult to reach with a conventional wired smoke detector or heat sensor. It could be a muck heap in a farmer's field. A thermal camera can sense heat change from over 2 km from the target and send an emailed or audible alert instantly.



In retail or event scenarios, IP cameras can help to both improve and enhance the experience of an organisation's customers. Cameras with smart analytics can measure the footfall and provide a people count that will show where the pinch points are for any organisation. This will allow you to make decisions as to how to provide a better experience in terms of both safety and satisfaction.




An IP camera with text analysis will help you to protect your business against fraudulent claims. For example, a customer may claim that you have sent him the wrong item or too few or that they purchased an item from your store that they now wish to exchange but have lost their receipt. It would usually take an extremely long time to search through hours of CCTV footage but by using a camera with text analysis, you are able to search for keywords, so that only footage of labels containing that word would appear.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free site survey with an NSI NCP104 certified member of staff who is trained in the design of video surveillance systems or for more advanced systems, we are able to provide a 3D CCTV Visualisation drawing of the proposed surveillance system and verified test reports for each camera installed.

3D CCTV Visulisation IPNS
Securitest CCTV Camera Report
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Automotive CCTV


Whatever your requirements may be, IPNS are happy to provide you with a solution that meets your needs.