IPNS have a range of systems for all types of buildings, from single doors to multiple doors and from single call stations to multiple.


Intercom systems can consist of different types of intercoms and sub-systems. The basic system types can be categorised by the environment in which they are being used, i.e. commercial, residential, and infrastructure types such as 2-wire or IP systems. The addition of video alongside an audio element provides a greater level of verification with the caller, allowing a user to both speak to and see potential visitors before allowing them access.

Door stations are generally located at key, external entry points and provide a means of requesting access from a building’s operators or tenants following ID verification.

Intercom systems will require integration with a door or a barrier or gate that they control. This will involve installing a relay trigger the opening of an electric door lock or to raise a barrier to allow vehicles access to loading areas.

All door stations have the capacity to communicate with either one or multiple handsets in a either a commercial environment, or in an apartment in a multi-tenanted dwelling, depending on the system topology.

Intercom IP solutions tend to reside on a dedicated network but can be integrated or interfaced with existing network infrastructures to provide site wide or even global operation, allowing unmanned buildings to be managed off site from any location.

Many intercoms can be integrated in to other security systems also. By using relay interfaces, it is possible to trigger CCTV cameras and activate video recordings or they can be interfaced with a card or fob access control systems.

IPNS are not tied to a single manufacturer and can offer multiple brands, such as BPTVidexPaxton and Comelit.

Case Study

Apartment Block Intercom

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Whatever your requirements may be, IPNS are happy to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.