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Many organisations now deploy access control solutions as standard. Essentially it is used to control, manage and monitor authorised and non-authorised personnel and their movements in and around a site. This is an important aspect for all organisations not just to protect against the obvious threat of theft but also their obligations as an organisation to protect it's employees and customers and associated data relating to GDPR guidelines and cyber security concerns.


If you are a company that has confidential information or you provide third party services for such a company, you would want a system that will protect the areas where that data is stored, you were only giving access to theses areas to authorised personnel and that, in the event of an incident, you had traceability as to which individuals had accessed the area at the time. Or you may have high risk working areas, where only trained and authorised personnel may enter or you may use it as a role call system in the event of an emergency or even as a lockdown solution to prevent access in to the building when feeling threatened.

Because most systems are networked and managed from a single interface, once installed, they are very easy to manage and monitor. Control changes can be made and the addition of new personnel in a matter of seconds and updates sent out immediately and because these are IP based systems, these changes can be effected across all sites from anywhere in the world.

IPNS are able to offer a number of different systems that can be tailored to individual organisations in terms of it's operation, it's look and feel, ease of use and it's suitability for the building environment, from a simple standalone, fob or keycode activated single door to a multi-site, multi-door networked system using leading manufacturers such as PaxtonPAC and BPT Impro.

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Whatever your requirements may be, IPNS are happy to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.